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Last Chance

Last Chance

308704 Hand Towel, Stripes 17.09
Last Chance
356400 Mop Conversion Kit Brackets 10.79 A simple solution for cleaning those high windows!
Last Chance
357052 EnviroWand® Sleeve Replacement 11.69 <div><p>Love how the EnviroWand makes&nbsp;cleaning around furniture, under the&nbsp;fridge, and all those hard-to-reach&nbsp;nooks and crannies a breeze, but need an extra sleeve?</p><p>EnviroWand Sleeve Replacements extend your cleaning power even further, and because they are reusable, they are a great alternative to single-use&nbsp;dusting pads and chemical-laden&nbsp;sprays.</p><p>&nbsp;</p></div>
Last Chance
358031 Straw Cleaning Brush 4.49 Dishwasher safe, BPA-free and has hook for easy storage.
Last Chance
403200 Sanira Toilet Brush System 53.99 A self contained system to make a tough job a breeze.
Last Chance
Home Essentials
600017 Rinse Aid 355 ml / 12 fl. oz. 13.49 Hard water can lead to spotty plates,&nbsp;flatware and glasses, but typical&nbsp;rinse aids can coat your dishes in&nbsp;chemicals.
Last Chance
600260 Sugar Plum Foaming Hand Wash 14.39
Last Chance
355101 Mop Base, blue/green - Large 34.99 Durable mop base with rubber edging.
Last Chance

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